Matt Paul's ATPSS (Adjustable TPS Switch) Installation

This is a unique device that simply allows you to set a point on your throttle position throw where it will activate my case, nitrous. :)

It's a relatively small box, only about 1.5" wide, 2" high and 1" thick.

Here's where I located it:

ATPSS Mounted

Here's another view of it:

ATPSS Mounted

As you can see, it's quite compact, and comes with the double sided tape already applied to it's back.

Normally, these units have 4 wires:
Red for 12v power, black (fused) for ground, white for TPS power in, and blue for power out (at preset TPS position).

It can support up to 1/2 amp of draw. For my application, it was to simply trigger a relay, which would be an easy task for it. Because my system was already wired to have the TPS activate the NEGATIVE side of the relay, Matt rewired it for me and included a
brown wire instead of the blue, to trigger the ground side of my relay.

It works GREAT! I'll tell you, for under $50, this is the cleanest, simplest piece I've added to the car in this nitrous system. I adjusted the sensitivity to activate the unit just under WOT for my application.

Normally, you tap into your TPS output wire with a provided scotch loc. However, I just happen to have both the male and female plugs just like the stock one available to me, from a project at work. Here is my "tap" which negates needing the scotch loc on the TPS wire:

TPS plugs

For more information on this little baby, check out
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