Nevada Open Road Challenge 1998

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April 30 - May 3, 1998: Each vehicle is classified into average speed categories where the object is to cross the finish line with an average speed for the distance of the course as close as possible to your speed category. The catch is there is a minimum speed of 90mph at any point on the course, and a tech speed (speed you cannot exceed without being disqualified) for each speed class. We'll be entering the 125mph speed class (fastest we can go without a firesuit) which has a tech speed of 140mph.

Put on by the
Silver State Classic Challenge, Inc. the event is run on Nevada Highway 318 between Lund and Hiko Nevada. It's not a straight run either, with some turns, bends and even "The Narrows" throughout the course. It's designed to be safe yet fun for all who enter.

With Sean O'Leary as my navigator, we are planning to put the Dynojet Racing Trans Am WS6 through its paces. We've also bought a camera mount for the Autopower Roll bar so we can shoot in-car video during the run. We may even make these videos available later if they turn out good.

Stay tuned for further developments!

The RESULTS are in!

The race is over and we finished 2nd in our class, first time out! The car performed flawlessly and we didn't have any problems. I must also comment on the new ACPT carbon fiber driveshaft we installed just days before the race. NEVER has the car been this smooth, especially at speed. I used to think that all the vibrations I experienced in the car were caused by extra forces from the stiffer bushing, improved components and taughter springs. Boy was I wrong. I never would have believed that a driveshaft could make that much difference, but it surely does. We were entered in the 125mph speed class and averaged 125.173mph over the course. This was only good enough for second place though. We feel we did very well with seven others in our class, and being rookies. We will be back for the September running, stepping up to the 135mph class or so.